Doors and Door Hardware

Doors & Door Hardware
Doors and door hardware allow you to enter and exit a building or a room. Although they are functional items, doors and their mounting hardware can also add to the decor or style of the building or home. As such, choosing a door that meets your needs and aesthetics can be difficult.

What types of interior doors are there?
There are 5 main types of interior doors that are commonly found in homes:

Hinged single doors: These are the most common type of doors that are installed in residences. These doors are lightweight and usually have 2 hinges.
Panel doors: These classic doors have inlaid panels. The spaces between the panels are filled with thinner materials. Molding may be used to add texture that works in both traditional and contemporary style homes.
French doors: French doors are used in extra-wide doorways. They each have multiple rows of glass panels. While they are often used as patio entranceways, they may be used to close off living rooms while still letting light in.
Pocket doors: These small interior doors slide into the wall when opened. This way, they do not take up any floor space.
Bi-fold doors: These doors fold in half when opened. They are commonly used to conceal closet spaces.

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